A Day center for children with oncological diseases is about to be opened on the territory of the "Tsaritsa Joanna - ISUL" UMBAL, near paediatric oncologie ward. Our goal is to create a Day Center for children with cancer, as a licensed social service. In it, children and their families, to receive psychosocial support during the difficult journey during treatment, supportive therapy and the subsequent need for resocialization.


  • The strategic location of the Day Center near hospital ward provides easy access for children, patients of the clinic and their parents.

Licensed social service

  • The Day Center as a licensed social service emphasizes the commitment to providing structured and professional psychosocial support, consistent with the requirements for the quality of social services, which guarantees a high level of professionalism.

A dedicated space that meets the needs of children of different age groups

  • The center will have a relaxation room, a play therapy room and an art workshop, and an overall space for parents and children to relax, share and meet.

Haven during social isolation

  • The specificity of the treatment requires a period of nearly two years, in which both the children and the whole family must limit their social contacts in order to protect the life of the sick child. During this period, children need to play with peers, build certain social skills, ventilate what is happening through the game, receive support with educational material. Mothers need a safe space where they can safely talk about the disease and its challenges, as well as anything that worries them. The center is designed to provide ongoing support for children and families, addressing the unique social and emotional needs that arise during this time.

Play as a social interaction

  • Emphasizing the importance of play in children's development, the center facilitates opportunities for social interaction, peer play and skill building in a supportive environment. No matter what they go through, kids are still kids. The magic of childhood is expressed in the ability to see and experience every moment as an adventure and an opportunity to discover. Thus, the wait passes imperceptibly, the pain is forgotten more quickly, and the smiles warm us.


  • Considering the educational needs of children during treatment, the center provides support with educational materials and activities, ensuring that academic development will not be compromised.

Mothers' Safe Space

  • Offering a safe space for mothers to openly discuss the challenges of the disease and express their concerns is an integral part of the centre's approach.


  • The day center aims to accommodate all children and parents in need of support, promoting inclusion and ensuring that no family feels isolated during their challenging journey.
  • The creation of this day care center reflects a compassionate and holistic approach to pediatric oncology care, with the well-being of both the child and the entire family as a priority.

We are guardians of childhood!